Nancy Bennett – Chief Creative Officer/Studio Head, Two Bit Circus

Nancy Bennett is the Chief Content Officer and Head of Virtual Reality at Two Bit Circus, an interdisciplinary team of artists, inventors, engineers, educators and entrepreneurs passionate about reimagining all forms of entertainment. Bennett has been the creative visionary behind VR projects for clients including the NFL, NBA, Samsung, the USOC, Fox and Wasserman. She is responsible for Two Bit Circus’ cinematic work, specializing in 2D and 3D 360 live action virtual reality immersive experiences that are accompanied by motion platforms displayed via Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR and Google Cardboard. Two Bit Circus has developed a portfolio of original VR IP including tools for VR production that provide preview capabilities via live stream and stitch within Oculus Rift while filming; a lightweight helmet camera system and stitching software. Nancy lives at the nexus of groundbreaking technologies and lucid cinematic storytelling. Her vast 25-year career as an auteur spans the mediums of tech entrepreneurship, film, television, music, and advertising. She transforms entertainment experiences with high-tech amusements to inspire people’s curiosity and wonder.