Mark Subotnick – Director of Business Development, eSports and PC Games, Intel

Mark Subotnick, known as Bot to many, has been in the videogames industry since late 1993. Mark has worked in the entertainment industry for most of his life, starting as an event and club promoter and then moving into the videogames industry. He began his video game career at SEGA of America, as a tester, working in various roles, on his way to producing, and managing internal development before moving on in late 1999. Mark held numerous roles during his time at SEGA of America including, lead tester, QA supervisor, Marketing, PR spokesperson, Producer at SEGA, eventually running internal development for the DreamCast Launch.

Mark joined the Executive team of a small startup in Silicon Valley from 2000 to 2002 working on 3D web enabling technologies. Mark then joined Microsoft in 2002 and began to work on Xbox, Xbox Live, Games for Windows, and eventually Xbox 360 as a Developer Relations Manager. Mark worked with all developers of games for Microsoft platforms in the following territories, Northern California, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Seattle.

Mark left Microsoft in 2007 to join Intel Corporation as the Executive Producer of Project Offset and the Game Engine Team. Mark then worked in the Software and Services Group at Intel Corporation focusing on Content Strategy, Business Development, Account Management and Portfolio. Mark was an early believer in this round of VR and led Business Development for the Client Computing Group VR Center of Excellence. Mark Subotnick is now Director of Business Development, in Video Game Content focused on driving the execution of our Esports video game content strategy.

Mark is credited in over 31 games from 1993 to the present and to date has worked on 10 video game platforms and 8 video game console platform launches